Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Introduction

Curvy Claire
My Confessions
Upper Class - Conservative - Married - Mother - Slut
I have always kept a diary. I remember my very first one, which my daddy bought for me when I was really young. It was a Christmas present, bound in pink faux leather and had a little lock on it in the shape of heart. I recall being so excited and filling it in every day for several months until I got bored sometime around Easter that following year.

I did still use it though - I made little notes in it about school, and used it as a sort of personal organiser, and the following year I got another for the same purpose. As I grew older and noticed boys, I would sometimes write things about them. Personal things, crushes and silly romantic daydreams. 

Whatever it was, I kept filling my diaries in, year after year, right through school, into college and even now, although I don’t have time to write in them all the time, I put photos and my most secret personal feelings in to one every now and then. It’s so interesting to look back on them. It brings back little memories which you would otherwise forget.

It was only today when I had a bit of an epiphany about how different my life is to how I ever imagined it would be, that I thought I would have a cup of tea and a flick through my diaries. It’s been a while since I did it, and I like the nostalgia of it, but then I had an idea.

Recently, I have been chatting online to a couple of friends - male friends - and have found myself divulging the secrets of my past to them - sexy secrets - and my diaries came in so useful for remembering the finer details of the things that happened. I got so much enjoyment from telling these relative strangers my most personal secrets, that I decided to expand what I was doing somehow - and then today when I flicked through my diaries, I decided to write my sexy ‘confessions’ as stories.

My online friends have got so turned on by what I told them, and I never ever embellished anything or told them something that isn’t true. I didn’t think my past was anything special, but it seems to arouse people as much as it does me telling them, so I decided I would share it with the world. Of course, I’m not going to use my real name, or the real names of anyone in my stories, that would be unfair on people - but I am going to keep everything else, the locations, the details and everything else completely accurate to the best of my memory.

And so here I am, wondering where to start.

I suppose I should describe myself to you - I have lots of photos, some of which I will find a way to share along with these stories, but for now a description of me will have to suffice. I am at the time of writing this, 29 years old and married to my husband Paul who I will tell you all about later. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, only short, with blonde straight hair cut fashionably just short of my shoulders. I have green eyes, although they have some brown flecks in them, and I am described by most people as having a smiley face, but I don’t think I am pretty. I think I am a little bit on the plump side, but people tell me I am paranoid about my weight. I weigh a little less than 10 stone, 62 kilograms, or 135 pounds, so you can imagine my curvy figure. I have a very round ass, which men seem to love even though I think it wobbles when having sex. I do have the hourglass figure however, my thighs are nice and my waist is smaller than my ample hips. My best feature in my opinion are my breasts and most men seem to agree. My bra size is 36E at the moment, but I do tend to go up or down a cup size easily. I have been a D cup since I was 16 and they went to a DD when I had my first baby when I was 21 and have never been less than that since.

What else do you need to know about me? My voice is a distinctive feature. I had elocution lessons when I was young to overcome a slight lisp and because of that and the fact that I was privately educated, I have a very upper class accent, despite me trying hard not to be too posh. I live in a small village, in a rural area of Cheshire, and although many people around where I live are fairly affluent, there are also a lot of very common people with Mancunian or West Midlands type accents, and I do sometimes tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

Because of that and my mannerisms from being brought up in fortunate circumstances and also marrying into a wealthy family, I am often referred to by my friends as Lady Claire or Princess Claire. I make it clear that I am not landed gentry, royalty or a celebrity. I am just me - Curvy Claire as you will know me from now on. Just a normal girl with a posh voice and attitude, but get to know me and you will be (as many people have been) very, very surprised.

I don’t currently work, although I trained to be a chartered surveyor and went to university but after meeting Paul and settling down with him, I never used my skills. I have done a couple of small jobs, to pass the time as I don’t really need the money and even now I do sometimes work, but usually voluntarily these days.

I was introduced to Paul by my father when I was 18, and he had just joined the RAF at the point. He came from a wealthy family, but it wasn’t the money that attracted me to him. He was, and still is 11 years later, a very tall, good-looking man. Despite everything I do, I do love him very, very much. He just doesn’t satisfy my needs like he once did. We got engaged a year later, and married the year after that. We now have 2 children, a boy and a girl but I won’t be covering those too much apart from possibly how they were made and the pregnancies.

Now Paul is an airline pilot, and because he is very well paid, we don’t have too worry much about money, which is why I’ve never worried about a career. I suppose I have a life many women would be envious of, I have everything I want and need. We employ cleaners to look after the house and a nanny to look after the children, so I have plenty of leisure time, but I hope I don’t sound to spoiled or annoying when I say that it does sometimes get very, very boring, which is why I do the volunteer work at my local charity shop and sometimes at the hostel in Chester, which is our nearest big town.

My mother died the month before we got married, which was very sad, but my daddy is still alive and kicking, and owns and runs the a large farm, which has been in our family for two centuries and is quite well known. To tell you any more would risk my identity, so I will leave it here for now while I decide what to write about first.

I have asked so many questions by men that I have gotten to know online, such as:

  • How and when did I lose my virginity?
  • When did I first cheat on my husband and why?
  • Have I ever had a one-night stand or slept with a total stranger?
  • Does size matter and what is the biggest penis I have ever had?
  • What’s the strangest place you have had sex?
  • Have I ever slept with a girl?
Few people that know me personally would believe it of me, but I have had an incredibly diverse sex life and there are very few things I haven’t done, so all of those questions got very long and detailed responses, which I am going to write out fully as stories, using my comprehensive diary notes as I go along.

If you have any questions of your own, please write to me. I am always happy to make new online friends and I love letting people into my secret world.

For now, thanks for reading,

My blog!

So this is a blog? Let me find my way around this thing?

Be blogging to you soon,


Curvy Claire