Monday, November 28, 2011

Twitter following reaches 1000!

I think I am going to stop doing these 'milestone' pictures. Never in a million years, did I anticipate the speed at which my Twitter following would explode like that, and so I felt quite safe in making the promises that I did at the time.

However, a promise is a promise. So I have to put a yet more revealing photo on here. I got a friend of mine who loves taking naughty photos of me to take some new ones this weekend, but I don't like any of them, so decided to instead post a few from an older collection, from which my usual 'avatar' photo is taken.

A lot of people have commented on this photo, saying it is sexy because I am 'bottomless' - there is a story about that, which I will share in due course (more about my stories later) - and so I thought I would show you a few more photos which he took of me that afternoon.

I'm sure some of you will complain that the photos aren't explicit enough. Men seem to like 'legs-open' type photos which show everything off, but these will have to suffice for now until I get the courage to display my most intimate parts.

I've never quite understood men's desire to see a woman's crotch displayed so lewdly. Most women have the same sort of thing down there, don't we? A lady's vagina might be more fleshy, or hairy - whatever - but they all look very similar. I don't understand the curiosity. I think women are the same with regards to penises. They might be bigger/smaller/thinner/fuller/hairier but they basically all look similar?

It must just be something to do with the male 'visual arousal' syndrome. Men get much more turned on by 'looking' than women - something well documented, and which has been reinforced to me since I came on to the internet as Curvy Claire. I will anticipate people's (not just men) requests for a full frontal shot, while I am here, but please don't ask for hardcore or even a spread-leg shot, as I'm just not ready for that just yet.

As I mentioned earlier, I will write about the background to these photos, but first of all I am almost ready to post my first 'proper' story on here. It is called 'The Birth of Curvy Claire' but is not actually about my birth - childbirth and/or gynae stuff is not erotic in anyway for a woman, despite many men's belief that we get turned on by examinations etc. Rather, it is about how I discovered my naughty inner me - or how I fell to the dark side, depending on how you look at it - and I thought it a good place to start.

I hope you will too - keep an eye out for it being posted on here one day this week!


Curvy Claire


  1. Wots happened to the photos????

  2. I see them, wow!!
    100% woman.
    Just what I need.........

  3. Took me a while to actually find Curvy Claire Tumblr page, thought i would share: Her promised pictures are there if you can't see them here.