Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Five Fucks of Christmas (Part 4)

It all came together yesterday. My Thursday and Friday plans worked out - Phil is good for today, and Glenn for tomorrow, so as long as neither of them cancels and my period doesn't come early, I should complete my Five Fucks of Christmas. In fact, it could be six if hubby feels amorous on Christmas Eve!

Fuck number three was as good as the previous two. Ruggers on Monday was dominant and rough, using me like he always does, which is such a good feeling. Doctor Teddy on Tuesday was kinky and eager to please as always, and he thrilled me in ways that Ruggers didn't. Last night, Ollie was different again. He's so strong and powerful, and makes me feel so small underneath him. Unlike Ruggers's physicality, Ollie is less selfish - he loves to make me cum, again and again, and along with Glenn (tomorrow's date) he's the only lover I've ever head who can make me orgasm vaginally.

Perhaps it's because the two of them have got the biggest cocks, I'm not sure - I think it's more like to be the mental aspect of that. It turns me on to know that I'm being fucked by such a brute of a man, with such a large penis - rather than the actual feeling (although it does feel different) of being penetrated deeper.

I like Ollie's animality - and finally the visual of his black skin against my admittedly pale colouring. I do fake-tan (never sun bed) but naturally, I'm quite pale and the sight of his very dark flesh sliding in and out of me, or pressing against me, is such a turn on. I think his black hands cupping my white breasts is an erotic look, even though watching interracial pornography on the internet does nothing for me.

We had a wonderful night. The hotel was lovely - I've been there before - we ate and then went straight to the bedroom, where we stayed until it was time for me to head home. I can tell today that I've been with Ollie. It's not the size of his cock, but the masterful way he does me - it always leaves me very slightly tender, and used-feeling. Some women might not like it, but I happen to love how it makes me feel the next day - a constant reminder of what occurred the night before. Quite a turn on.

I forget how young Ollie is - he looks older and has skills beyond his years. I wonder just how good he will be when he's matured, in his late twenties or early thirties?

Tonight I am seeing Phil, lover number four and the longest standing of my fuck buddies. He's also the eldest of them, but over the several years that we've been lovers, he's stayed just as good in bed as he was the first time we slept together. I call him Uncle Phil, not out of any kinky girl-crush fantasy fetish from my teenage years, but from the fact that he is my husband's mother's brother. So, he's Paul's (hubby's) real Uncle!

I'll write how I ended up sleeping with Uncle Phil as one of my stories - it's still a big turn on just to think about our first encounter, but we never looked back and all these years later, we've never bored of each other. Phil's cock is bigger than Ruggers's and Teddy's, but not quite as big as Glenn's or Ollie's, and he's of average height and weight, in fact he is very much a 'Mr Average' type of person, but for some reason I love fucking him. Maybe it's because he's older, and connected by family, so it's taboo. Or maybe it's because he's just very experienced and knows exactly how to make a woman cum with his fingers and tongue. Or perhaps it's his fetish for using toys on me, and tying me up and other slightly kinky things he likes to do.

I don't know why, but I love fucking Uncle Phil - and I'm so looking forward to him picking me up in a few hours. Yes, Paul knows that I've slept with him, and that I still do - but like all of my personal fun, Paul turns a blind eye to it.

If I get in early enough, I'll update you with a brief outline of what me and Phil get up to, if not I'll write again tomorrow, on the last of my Five Fucks of Christmas.

I hope you all have a good, fun evening - I'm certainly going to!




  1. You are such an awesome woman, I do love reading your blog! You have it all! I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I do hope you had a lovely Christmas and your Christmas fucks where all fantastic! If you get a chance, I would love to read an update! You are a very lovely lady!

  3. Mrs. Claire,

    Keep the updates coming. There is nothing sexier than a coman in control of her sexuality. When my wife and I swing, the biggest turn on is seeing her enjoy herself and in command of her own pleasure.

    Are you sure Paul would not like to watch (or assist) you with one of your lovers? My wife ( SM - Sexy Mama) wants to know if you have ever been with a woman?

    Mr. No Name