Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

First of all - hello again! I haven't had as much time on here as what I would like, but thought I would drop by to let anyone looking know that I am still alive.

It's been a busy week, with it being half-term I've had both my children off school and then one of my nannies fell poorly, so it's been more hectic than I thought. Saying that, I did get a few hours to myself when they went to the cinema with Cerys the nanny during which I did a bit of writing.

The writing thing is coming along well. I know I should write one story at a time, but I've been doing fragments on one story, then moving to another but hopefully I will have something finished for you to read soon. The stories are 100% true, they don't need embellishing in my opinion - I hope you feel the same when you read them.

Finally, regarding photos, I've had a few people asking to see more of me - well, if you add me as a follower/subscribe on here, or ask to be added to my circles on Google+, I will grant you access to my picture file. Nothing too risque, I'm saving the better ones (one of my f-buddies loves taking photos of me) for when I publish the books online. That being said, here is a cheeky one from a favourite photoset of mine.

Okay, off to cook the kids tea. I love them to bits but can't wait to get them back to school so I can get my normal (naughty) life back!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting to grips

So I have a few followers on Twitter now, which is great. I'm on Facebook and Google+ too, but they seem much slower to attract 'followers' or whatever I call you all. But enjoying Twitter, I have to admit. Meeting some interesting people on there, although most of them seem to be young men looking to get laid. That's not what I'm on there for - it was never my intention from the off, but I am more than capable of handling that sort of attention.

Working on writing my stories, using my diary and hopefully excellent memory as references, and it's coming along well although I was surprised at how difficult it is. Not the writing. I can string a sentence together. Rather the fact that I keep getting so turned on that I have to stop, which sort of slows down the process a little! It's an enjoyable task though, I can't deny.

So, I'll sign off from this little update here and update again soon, hopefully with a story and some new photos.

Love, Claire Xx