Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging

It feels like an age since I was last sat here, writing a blog entry. I really enjoy it - turning the words that are rattling around in my head, into words on a computer screen, and then hitting post and knowing that people all over the world are going to be reading things which were only in my mind a few minutes ago. Getting philosophical for a second, that is quite something, isn't it? Quite amazing, when you stop to think about it.

Anyway, I'm sorry for getting boring on you for a second. I know what you all come to my blog to read, and that is about Curvy Claire the Upper Class Sex Addict, not Claire Brighton the Posh Bitch with Too Much Time on her Hands.

So, it's been a weird couple of weeks since I last wrote. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it in my blogs, but I do some volunteer work for a couple of local charities, and help out in a local charity shop once a week or so. Unfortunately the assistant manager there had a stroke just after Christmas, so I've been working there three days a week until they could find a permanent replacement. I enjoy working there, it's giving something back and it gets me out of the house (and out of mischief) for a time, but I'm glad that they have the situation sorted. I'm exhausted as I'm not used to working!

Along with that, my husband has been home quite a bit as he's only been working in this country, but finally he is away now working transatlantic and in the States, so I finally have some Curvy Claire time to sit and write my new story and finally update my blog. I'm hoping to Tweet a little more regularly too as I've gained a lot of my online friends from there. In fact, I'm almost at 2000 followers. Perhaps I should think of a way of celebrating that?

What's happened since I was last here then? Well, first of all I have created an Adultwork page. If you're not familiar with Adultwork, it's an adult services website which one of my fuck buddies directed me too. He thought I could perhaps make a bit of money for charity or whatever I choose to do with it, by selling my photos and stories on there. My first story is on there now, and only costs £1 to read, plus I will be putting some naughty photos on there in due course, and charging perhaps £2-£3 for people to view them. I promise that I will still treat my blog and Twitter followers to stories and photos too, but if you want more then go to Adultwork and buy them - I promise to put the money to good use! You can find me as... Curvy Claire, of course!

I booked a holiday for me and hubby, in March, to Hawaii. He's been there before, but I never have so I can't wait. We're also having a family holiday in July during the school holidays, to sunny Southern Spain, and I'll be taking a couple of weekends away with a couple of my fuck buddies (I hate that term) during the year too, but we only tend to stay in the UK. I love South Wales in particular, and the Scottish Highlands. I am fancying Ireland this year though.

I'm working on my second story, which I will post on here in some form, but the full tale will be on Adultwork if you want to read all the extra details. More news on this soon.

Okay, I think we're caught up. I'm going to do some writing tomorrow, then before I go to the cinema with Ollie tomorrow night, I will post about the two naughty sessions I've had recently. One with Ollie Friday before last, which was incredible, then a rather fast and furious fuck with Wythenshaw Willy yesterday afternoon.

Hope everyone is fine - I'm sorry for not blogging more regularly, but guess what?

Curvy Claire is back!

Who wants a photo? Email me!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Interesting Conversation

Quite a few people have asked me what the 'interesting conversation' was about that I mentioned in my most recent blog. I did promise to come to that later, and while I was originally just planning to touch on this with a comment below the blog, since then I thought it would make an interesting blog post in itself.

What I was referring to was the fact that on the Thursday night before Christmas (the fourth fuck of Christmas) my older lover, Uncle Phil, decided to write on my freshly-shaved pussy as is one of his (many) little fetishes. He took a Sharpie pen (of all things) from his pocket and wrote, 'My cum whore,' just above the top of my slit, in smallish blue writing. We've played this game before but it usually entails him writing on me, then me walking around for several days, doing normal things (shopping, being mum, working at the charity shop, even spending time with hubby or my family) while all the time I have vulgar obscenities written on my body beneath my clothes.

I enjoy it too - it is quite fun, if sometimes risky when hubby is at home - but Uncle Phil gets a huge kick from it. The only complication this time around is that I was trying to sleep with five men in five days, and had a date already set up Wythenshaw Willy (Glenn) for the following night. Sharpies aren't quite indelible ink, but they're close!

Phil fucked me hard that night, all the more turned on by the fact that my pussy was labelled by him for his purpose, and I had a wonderful time and then before bed, I showered and tried to rub the ink off my mound, but I couldn't shift it! Even after another shower Friday afternoon, the (admittedly faded) writing was still clearly visible, so I had to go out to meet Glenn as it was, and just be prepared for the inevitable question.

Glenn took me to Teddy's restaurant, and during the lovely meal Phil was texting me, telling me he was so horny - he knew I was with one of my others lovers - because my pussy still had his writing on even when I was with someone else. He was excited about another man seeing my pussy, marked by him as his.

When I got to Glenn's that night, things actually worked out nicely, because he popped a bottle of Champagne and suggested we drank it in the hot tub - and I managed to slip out of my clothes and underwear without him seeing the writing, but when we took our passionate kisses and drinks upstairs to the bedroom, and Glenn pushed the bed covers back to lick my pussy, he paused for a moment, studying the words and then looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

I had to tell him about Phil's little fetish, and Glenn was curious about it. Whereas Uncle Phil is one of my kinkier lovers (more on that another time), Glenn is much more straightforward. I call him Wythenshaw Willy because he is very well-endowed, and unlike most 'large' men, he also knows how to use it. A big cock attached to the wrong man can be very painful! If you're reading this, and you're a man with a larger than average penis, don't think that just because you're lucky enough to be hung like a horse doesn't mean you should fuck women like one too! Go slow, let their pussy get used to the extra length and width, and tease them mentally by telling him that you're filling them - push it in deep, then pull it all the way out and tell her to look at it going in to her pussy.

While some women (including myself) enjoy that 'I was fucked good last night' feeling, we do NOT like hardly being able to walk the next morning!

So yes, Glenn only does 'not-fetishy' sex, and loves the fact (as do I) that he can make me cum just by penetration - he is up for trying any position, in fact he's a master of manhandling me in bed - but he very little understanding of fetishes, so we had a rather interesting conversation about why I would let Uncle Phil write on my pussy.

I tried explaining the psychology of it, and even showed him the excited texts that Phil had sent me while we were having dinner, but he still didn't quite understand why it turned him on, so I tried telling him about the other things Phil and my other lovers sometimes like me to do.

For instance, Teddy loves to keep my panties after he's fucked me (he has quite a collection) and Ollie (my black lover) likes to cum inside me, then wear a plug so that my cunt is full of his 'black cum' all day until I am allowed to take the plug out (usually just before I go to bed.) Ollie has made me go to work after sex, all the while carrying his spunk inside me.

Phil thought both of those sounded like fun, and now he wants to try some new things too! The conversation was so horny because the whole time we talked, he just lay there between my legs stroking my pussy and teasing my clit with his fingers and tongue. By the time he shut up and got on top of me to take me, my pussy was throbbing and demanding cock!

No wonder I came within minutes! I love my Wythenshaw Willy!

Tonight I'm hoping Ollie picks me up - we're not sure if he can make it yet due to work commitments - but I am dying to see one of my 'boys' - I feel neglected - so cross your fingers for me!



Monday, January 16, 2012

The Five Fucks of Christmas (part 5 - final part)

I started writing this series of blogs back before Christmas, but then due to a combination of the holiday period being so busy, my husband being home for much of it and in to the new year unexpectedly, and also my friend needing me to help her out at her shop where I often work and help out, I simply haven't had any real time to sit and write properly, to finish it off.

But as things have finally settled in to a groove now, mid-January, here I am. Thank you for waiting - your patience is appreciated, and I hope you didn't miss me too much!

So, I completed the five fucks of Christmas, which was my aim - to sleep with all five of my lovers in the five days leading up to Christmas, and beyond that I fucked hubby on the Saturday, so it was six different men in six days. I know I am a slut, and I'm not ashamed of it. If anyone is reading this and judging me, then why are you reading a blog about someone like me?

The last blog was about Phil, who I was meeting on the Thursday. Uncle Phil as I like to call him, as he's Paul's (hubby) actual uncle. Paul knows that I've slept with him, and I assume he knows we still sleep together, but he doesn't mention it. Phil and I slept together and then he visited us between Boxing Day and new year, and had dinner with us all, which always feels quite strange, but Paul copes well with it. If he minds at all, he doesn't show any sign of it.

Thursday night was wonderful. Phil rarely disappoints me, although he surprises me sometimes with his varied, kinky, sexual tastes. He didn't surprise me as such that night, though he did ask if he could shave my pussy when he saw that it had grown a little bit of hair. I don't mind men doing that, although obviously I have to trust the person! Phil and I went in the bath with a couple of glasses of wine, and I let him shave me, enjoying watching his cock grow to full hardness while he did so.

When I was smooth, he asked me to lift my hips out of the water, and he licked and nibbled my clit, which got me so horny, I practically dragged him out of the bath and into bed, where he made love to me fantastically and enthusiastically. After he cums inside me, Phil likes to look at it dribble out, it's one of his little fetishes, and he also likes to write 'Phil's cunt' or some such on my pussy sometimes. This time, he wrote 'my cum whore' on it, which made for a fun conversation the next night, but I'll come to that later.

It gets me so excited, when Phil makes me lay there with my legs spread wide, exposed to him. I don't know why - he just likes to look at it, sometimes taste his own juices with his tongue - but I always feel my clit tingle and throb. He's older, and an experienced lover, so he never leaves me for too long. He always goes down or plays with me, sometimes with a vibrator or a bullet, to make sure I get my release too before the end of the night.

It was a lovely Thursday night, and he left me satisfied, but still looking forward to seeing Glenn the following day.

Friday night was the final 'fuck of Christmas' and I have to admit that I was feeling the effects of having good sex every day for four days. I wasn't sore, but I had just a tiny bit of tenderness down there. I'm sure some women reading this will know exactly what I mean, those that have been lucky enough to enjoy consecutive days of decent loving anyway. I actually quite like the feeling, it reminds me of what a bad girl I've been.

Because of this, I was wondering if I'd be able to manage Glenn, my Friday night man. My nickname for him is Wythenshaw Willy, because (a) he's from Wythenshaw, and (b) he's the best endowed out of all my current lovers. He is substantially bigger than even Ollie, my black bouncer friend. Very thick and he's also circumcised, so his penis always looks nice - as far as penises go at least.

I've never ever measured Glenn, and he tells me that he is around 7.5" long, but I think he's actually bigger than that. I've seen statistics on porn stars online, who are supposed to have 9" or 10" ones, and Glenn looks as big as them, so I don't know whether Glenn is a poor measurer, just being modest, or if porn star men exaggerate their sizes to sell DVD's. Either way, Glenn is huge down below, so big that I was intimidated and nervous about it the first time I saw it. Again, I will write a proper story about that time, but let's just say that I was so worried about him 'stretching' me and 'ruining' my tightness, that I very nearly backed out of having sex with him. But I didn't, and I'm glad.

Glenn is a businessman, and I was introduced to him by Teddy. Glenn was (and still is) a regular visitor to Teddy's restaurant, and he introduced to each other because Glenn owns several racehorses, and I have an interest in racing and love all things Equine. In fact, Glenn and I currently co-own a flat horse which is doing really well and might just end up in this year's Derby at Epsom.

Friday night was wonderful again, we ate a lovely fish meal at Teddy's restaurant, where we often go, then went back to Glenn's house for a kiss and some loving, which he really needed. Glenn is going through the divorce process at the moment, and he not only needed my body, he needed someone to talk to about things. After the sex, we spent two hours in bed just talking and enjoying each other's closeness.

Out of my five 'fuck buddies' (as some of my readers have refered to them, although I dislike the term personally) only Teddy and Glenn know each other more than by name. All five of them know that I have other lovers, but they don't associate apart from these two. Before you ask, I've never had a threesome with the two friends, although it's been on the cards for a long time. It's just never happened, because I don't think either of them is really that into group sex.

Teddy came to say hello while we were eating, and gave me a kiss as we left. Glenn just stood there and watched us kiss quite passionately, which feels strange, but quite erotic at the same time. Whenever I am with the both of them, we are often intimate in front of the other. Some people might not understand the dynamic, but it works for all of us, and sometimes it can be quite amusing as one or the other of them tries to out do their friend by kissing me possessively or groping me openly.

At Glenn's house, we relaxed with a couple of drinks (I had far too much alcohol that week and the week after - I put on half a stone, which I'm trying to lose at the gym now) and before long we were kissing. Glenn's house has a hot-tub, which we often end up in, and that night was no exception. His large back garden is very private, and we've had outdoor sex out there a lot although it was far too cold on this occasion.

More drinks in the hot-tub led us into the bedroom, and he did me like always, in every position you can imagine before I finally came in the most basic position of all - missionary. Glenn is the only man who can make me orgasm during penetrative sex, without any clitoral stimulation. Some people wonder if it's because he's so well endowed, but it's actually more to do with the mental side of that. Glenn has amazing stamina, and talks incredibly dirty to me, but in a classy way rather than coming across as perverted which combined with the feeling of being fucked deep and being stretched around his large penis, and the mental knowledge (which I can't get out of my head every time he's making love to me) that I am with a real man always just gets me to the edge and beyond.

By 'a real man' again I'm not referring just to the size of his penis. Glenn is very wealthy, very powerful business-wise and respected locally as such. He has a charisma and a commanding attitude to him, he's masterful and gentlemanly, and he's large and well built physically. He doesn't work out as such, his body is naturally sexy because he's tall and solidly built. Add to that the fact that he dark-haired, tanned and has the most wonderful jet-black hair with just a streak of grey, I'm sure you can imagine why sex with him is so mentally amazing.

So that was my 'Five Fucks of Christmas.' I had sex with Paul on Christmas Eve night, but that was more to do with us both being high spirits after putting the children to bed and putting their presents beneath the tree, and then having a couple too many glasses of brandy. Again, the sex was enjoyable - I don't have lovers because Paul is useless in bed - but he doesn't compare to my five 'boys.'

Sex with Paul has one thing the other five don't - love. We love each other, and I hope we always will, and those loving embraces we share after sex, make all the difference. Sex can be pleasurable in so many ways - it can fulfil you physically, mentally but also emotionally. I have lovers that cater for all three, so I am incredibly lucky and right now, very grateful and content.

I don't know what the new year will bring. So far, it has been relatively good, if rather busy and hectic. I haven't had a lot of time for my friends or lovers, but that will change now everything seems to getting back to normality.

I hope you will stay with me and follow my blog into 2012 and beyond.