Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Five Fucks of Christmas (Part 3)

First of all, before I get to my blog about the sex that is coming up tonight - I wanted to post you a few photos. I put them on Tumblr, but thought I should put them on here too.

Ruggers took them while we were bathing together on Monday evening, and while I think they look a bit too big (because of the camera angle) and they're not great quality because he only took them on his mobile phone, I thought they would be a fun way of wishing you all a Happy Christmas!

They also serve to prove that unlike many of the 'horny housewives' on the internet, I am actually real! I already posted a clip (of me sounding rather shy) on SoundCloud, so listen to me talk if you haven't already.

We used one of my children's felt-tip colouring pens to write on my boobs. The red one ran out straight away, so we switched to blue, which was a bit of a mistake because it took about ten minutes of scrubbing to get it off. Ryan rather enjoyed that though, continually soaping up my nipples. I like bathing with a man, especially if he is good enough to shave my pussy for me.

Back to the main topic at hand now:

The third out of my Five Festive Fucks isn't happening until tonight, when my lovely friend Ollie comes to pick me up. We have a hotel room booked for the evening, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him as much as any of the others, because Ollie, or Black Mamba, as I once nicknamed him for the internet, is very different and very lovely.

Yes, he is black, hence the name which refers to his penis. Yes, he is well endowed (though many men aren't - don't believe the myth) but he isn't the biggest. My Glenn (who I nickname Wythenshaw Willy for obvious reasons) has the biggest dick out of all my lovers, but Ollie comes close. No, I have never measured it, but me and Glenn have measured his and it is a little over 6 and a half inches and thick! Personally, I prefer thickness to length, as I think most girls do, but Glenn and Ollie have both!

Ollie is the youngest of my boys, he's just a baby - still at university and works as a bouncer in Crewe. He is also very tall, shaven-headed and very muscular and broad, though maybe not so much as Ryan (Ruggers.) Where Ollie excels is in enthusiasm and stamina. You know how sometimes your husband (or you, if you're a man reading this) is horny and full-on, really wanting sex and then making love to you really passionately, but unfortunately because he's so worked up, things either end with him cumming quickly or he tires and has to 'slow down'? Well Ollie is like that all the time. Seriously, he is the only lover I have at the moment who can make me orgasm multiple times through sex alone. For such a young man (21) he is a very skilled and capable lover, as well as being a truly lovely man. He is actually quite religious and softly spoken away from his 'doorman' persona, when you get to know him, but he's a different person again in the bedroom.

I can't wait for our evening together tonight. I'll write full report tomorrow!


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