Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging

It feels like an age since I was last sat here, writing a blog entry. I really enjoy it - turning the words that are rattling around in my head, into words on a computer screen, and then hitting post and knowing that people all over the world are going to be reading things which were only in my mind a few minutes ago. Getting philosophical for a second, that is quite something, isn't it? Quite amazing, when you stop to think about it.

Anyway, I'm sorry for getting boring on you for a second. I know what you all come to my blog to read, and that is about Curvy Claire the Upper Class Sex Addict, not Claire Brighton the Posh Bitch with Too Much Time on her Hands.

So, it's been a weird couple of weeks since I last wrote. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it in my blogs, but I do some volunteer work for a couple of local charities, and help out in a local charity shop once a week or so. Unfortunately the assistant manager there had a stroke just after Christmas, so I've been working there three days a week until they could find a permanent replacement. I enjoy working there, it's giving something back and it gets me out of the house (and out of mischief) for a time, but I'm glad that they have the situation sorted. I'm exhausted as I'm not used to working!

Along with that, my husband has been home quite a bit as he's only been working in this country, but finally he is away now working transatlantic and in the States, so I finally have some Curvy Claire time to sit and write my new story and finally update my blog. I'm hoping to Tweet a little more regularly too as I've gained a lot of my online friends from there. In fact, I'm almost at 2000 followers. Perhaps I should think of a way of celebrating that?

What's happened since I was last here then? Well, first of all I have created an Adultwork page. If you're not familiar with Adultwork, it's an adult services website which one of my fuck buddies directed me too. He thought I could perhaps make a bit of money for charity or whatever I choose to do with it, by selling my photos and stories on there. My first story is on there now, and only costs £1 to read, plus I will be putting some naughty photos on there in due course, and charging perhaps £2-£3 for people to view them. I promise that I will still treat my blog and Twitter followers to stories and photos too, but if you want more then go to Adultwork and buy them - I promise to put the money to good use! You can find me as... Curvy Claire, of course!

I booked a holiday for me and hubby, in March, to Hawaii. He's been there before, but I never have so I can't wait. We're also having a family holiday in July during the school holidays, to sunny Southern Spain, and I'll be taking a couple of weekends away with a couple of my fuck buddies (I hate that term) during the year too, but we only tend to stay in the UK. I love South Wales in particular, and the Scottish Highlands. I am fancying Ireland this year though.

I'm working on my second story, which I will post on here in some form, but the full tale will be on Adultwork if you want to read all the extra details. More news on this soon.

Okay, I think we're caught up. I'm going to do some writing tomorrow, then before I go to the cinema with Ollie tomorrow night, I will post about the two naughty sessions I've had recently. One with Ollie Friday before last, which was incredible, then a rather fast and furious fuck with Wythenshaw Willy yesterday afternoon.

Hope everyone is fine - I'm sorry for not blogging more regularly, but guess what?

Curvy Claire is back!

Who wants a photo? Email me!


  1. Fantastic, your blog is well written and your stories are a enjoyment. I look forward to your next post.